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Working Holiday Starter is focused on supporting backpackers during their gap year in New Zealand, providing them with support prior to their arrival until their departure from New Zealand.

With that in mind, the website is organised around a range of products and services essential to backpackers and displays them amongst a series of practical articles about the working holiday experience in New Zealand.

The website also features great interactive tools, such as a “cost of life” grid showing the price of everyday items in New Zealand in every currency. Another example is our job market map of New Zealand showing up-to-date employment rates around the country.


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Featuring hundreds of practical tips organised around major themes, such as “Working Holiday Visa”, “Live in New Zealand”, and “Work in New Zealand”, Working Holiday Starter is an invaluable source of information for travellers planning their journey to New Zealand.

The simple design of the articles make them easy to read and navigate through, even when our readers are non-native English speakers. This was our primary focus when creating Working Holiday Starter due to the significant amount of working holidaymakers in New Zealand coming from non-English speaking countries.

With the goal in mind goal to help visitors understand all aspects of their gap year in New Zealand with ease, we designed a wide range of interactive tools on the Working Holiday Starter website.

  • Our Free Visa Check helps them know if they are eligible for a working holiday visa.
  • Our Cost of Life in New Zealand page helps them compare everyday expenses in New Zealand with the cost in their own country.
  • Our Work Map of New Zealand helps readers find the best New Zealand locations for finding work.
  • Our Ski Season in New Zealand Map points out all New Zealand’s ski fields with statistics enabling the reader to make an informed decision on what ski fields to visit/work on.
  • Our Working Holiday Visa Online Application Guide helps them apply for their visa online.

And much more!

Working holidaymakers coming to New Zealand often choose to arrive with a working holiday program. These programs offer a wealth of services from help with setting up an IRD number to advice on how to find a job. All in all, they give peace of mind to young travellers setting up a life in a foreign country.

Because these working holiday programs offer such different services, our Working Holiday Program Comparison is an invaluable tool to working holidaymakers to both compare and book programs all in one place.

Working Holiday Starter is an information and working holiday program comparison resource for young backpackers in New Zealand. We feature the most useful services to working holidaymakers that will make their adventure in New Zealand a breeze.

Using that channel, we are able to tailor our content to each individual need of our customers in order to make the most of their trip. We refer Working Holiday Starter readers to a selection of companies depending on what plan they have for their adventure. If you feel that you brand would fit right in there, don’t wait to contact us now.

We have implemented a booking system on Working Holiday Starter so when our readers are ready to take action, they are ready in only a few clicks. Simple and elegant, our booking system allows our members to book companies’ services in only a few clicks.

Working Holiday Starter is a platform that converts readers into sales on the spot but also generates invaluable leads by gathering emails through its interactive tools that, in turn, will be turned into customers.

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