Working Holiday New Zealand

The Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand Made Simple

Working Holiday New Zealand has the sole goal of making the working holiday visa application process easy to understand by its users. Centred around a useful “Free Eligibility Test” that helps young travellers to understand the visa and its conditions, the website is full of useful interactive tools to explain the complicated working holiday visa.

The “Free Eligibility Test” displays up-to-date conditions and requirements of the New Zealand working holiday visa to our visitors based on a few criteria provided by the visitor. It also delivers a pre-assessment of their eligibility and a personalised email containing further information.

The “Quota Updates” page displays up-to-date quota status for every country on the New Zealand working holiday scheme so our visitors know when to apply for their visa. Both this and the email notifications received after taking the “Free Eligibility Test” provide a solution to help working holiday visa applicants in applying for their visa on time.

The “Complete Application Guide” navigates our visitors through the stressful online application process helping them go through with ease.


Interactive Tools

Email Marketing

Accurate Ad Targeting

Responsive Design

  • Interactive Tools - Get a Personalised Answer
  • Email Marketing - Efficient and Personal
  • Accurate Ad Targeting - Choose your Audience
  • Responsive Design - Use it Anywhere

The 18-35-year-olds that are eligible for a working holiday visa are used to easy-to-use apps and tools. Working Holiday New Zealand provides just that. Our simple tools process complicated visa-related information and provides simple results that answer every question related to a working holiday visa in New Zealand.

In the process, Working Holiday New Zealand gathers valuable information from users in order to curate content to their needs and provide them with personalised tips within our notification emails.

Email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways to interact with potential customers. Working Holiday New Zealand takes full advantage of that by sending regular reminders about visa openings to its users, as well as updates about the working holiday visa in general.

This allows companies to integrate their message right into our readers’ inboxes alongside information that is relevant and invaluable to our readers. In turn, this generates a great return on investment for companies.

Using the information collected by our interactive tools, we are able to accurately target which visitors to send your message to. Whether it’s age, country of origin, or even visa eligibility, we are able to deliver different messages to each of our visitors that perfectly meet both their needs and yours.

This offers a perfect option to narrow your investment down to only a portion of the working holidaymakers niche making sure that your budget is well spent and has a high ROI.

The audience targeted by Working Holiday New Zealand is young and nomad. It is most likely that they will be using this website on the go on their mobile device. For this reason, we have devoted extra effort in making Working Holiday New Zealand responsive.

This means that whatever the device used, the website displays correctly, adapting to the size of the screen used and remaining aesthetically pleasing. It even changes design when the screen is rotated to offer a wider view. As a result, there is no drop out of visitors engaging with the site on a mobile device.

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