My Working Holiday

Plan your New Zealand Working Holiday Like a Boss!

My Working Holiday is a walkthrough of the New Zealand working holiday preparation. It helps young backpackers to check all the boxes in order to be ready for this change in lifestyle. Following the personal experience of Katharina, a young working holidaymaker from Germany, we are able to cover all the much-needed aspects of the trip preparation.

The success of My Working Holiday comes from the reassurance travellers feel when following the story of someone who has done it all before.

This short and elegant website also features a “Travel Resources” section that lists every item, company, website and other products that have been useful to Katharina along with her short take on them. My Working Holiday also has a “Location Guide” of the must-see spots in New Zealand.


Simple Walkthrough

Clear Information Flow

Responsive Design

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  • Simple Walkthrough - Easy Step-By-Step
  • Clear Information Flow - Find What you Want
  • Responsive Design - Take it Everywhere
  • Native Advertisement - Don't be Intrusive

Our young readers are savvy for simple easy-to-follow walkthroughs and we offer just that. By creating a simple step-by-step guide to help our readers plan and prepare for their gap year in New Zealand, the website has become an invaluable asset in their trip planning.

For this reason, we gain loyal readers that use My Working Holiday as a point of reference when preparing for their adventure. In turn, the website’s recommended products also gain their trust and are often bookmarked as a: “Useful resource for later.”

A clear information flow is crucial in a website targeting a young audience and that’s why My Working Holiday is incredibly easy to browse. Using a descriptive menu and organic links, our readers navigate our platform with ease and are naturally linked to websites and companies best suited to answer their needs.

Text is kept short and sweet so it is easy to locate the information needed in only a quick scan for the common fast-paced user with a short attention span.

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The audience targeted by My Working Holiday is young and nomad. It is most likely that they will be using this website on the go on their mobile device. For this reason we have devoted extra effort in making My Working Holiday responsive.

This means that whatever the device used, the website displays correctly adapting to the size of the screen used and remaining aesthetically pleasing. It even changes design when the screen is rotated to offer a wider view. As a result, there is no drop out of visitors engaging with the site on a mobile device.

On My Working Holiday we have chosen to focus solely on native advertisement. This means that the advertisement blends perfectly within the content of the site making it a core part of the experience. We believe this helps customers find what they want and see solutions to their needs that they may otherwise overlook if the advertisement were presented in a different way.

Native advertisement has been recognised as one of the most accepted forms of advertisement by consumers and has proven to be one of the most powerful ways to convey a message to a receptive audience.

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