Backpackers Motor Insurance

Comprehensive and Affordable Backpackers' Road Trip Cover

Backpackers Motor Insurance was created out of numerous requests by our readers looking for affordable cover on the road. It primarily focuses on presenting a comprehensive motor insurance to international travellers in New Zealand.

The website also features other useful sections relating to the New Zealand road trip. We have integrated an interactive itinerary planner to help travellers plan their road trip by adjusting the timeframe to whether they are travelling for one month, three months or more. We have also created a thorough car purchase checklist as a solution to a common problem amongst backpackers buying a car: buying a lemon. This checklist ensures that the car purchasing process goes as smoothly as possible.


Ready-To-Go Visitors

Email Marketing

Accurate Ad Targeting

Responsive Design

  • Ready-To-Go Visitors - Heading on the Road
  • Email Marketing - Efficient and Personal
  • Accurate Ad Targeting - Choose your Audience
  • Responsive Design - Use it Anywhere

The visitors that are coming on Backpackers Motor Insurance have already chosen New Zealand as their destination, are in the country and ready to travel. They are finalising the preparations of their trip and will head on the road in a matter of days.

With that in mind, this audience is the best to talk to about New Zealand destinations and things to do along the way, as they are already looking for tips to make the most of their road trip.

Email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways to interact with potential customers. Backpackers Motor Insurance takes full advantage of this by sending regular emails about the great New Zealand road trip to its users, as well as great deals on activities along the way.

This allows companies to integrate their message right in our readers’ inboxes alongside our valuable tips, which generates a great return on investment for companies.

Using the information collected during the booking process, we are able to accurately target visitors to send your message to. Whether it’s age, trip length, or country of origin, we are able to deliver your message to the most relevant audience. Narrowing your investment down to only a portion of the working holidaymakers niche ensures that your budget is well spent and has a high ROI.

The audience targeted by Backpackers Motor Insurance is young and nomad. It is most likely that they will be using this website on the go on their mobile device. For this reason we have devoted extra effort in making our website responsive.

This means that whatever device used, the website is always displayed correctly, adapting to the size of the screen used and remaining aesthetically pleasing. It even changes design when the screen is rotated to offer a wider view. As a result, there is no drop out of visitors engaging with the site on a mobile device.

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