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Making travellers’ lives easy is the essence of BackpackerGuide.NZ. Since late 2014, BackpackerGuide.NZ has grown to become the most complete source of information for travellers planning their trip to and/or already in New Zealand all categories combined.

The website features more than 2,000 articles covering all aspects of the New Zealand gap year experience. Our focus on budget travel and activities has helped us become popular with all types of travellers. We continue to publish new articles every day to remain #1 and thanks to our fast-paced publication schedule, we keep on reaching new travellers daily. Furthermore, our fun and easy-to-read articles are shared on social media more than ever, helping us reach more visitors that we turn into loyal readers.

Since August 2017, BackpackerGuide.NZ has expanded its content offerings with video content on YouTube reaching more potential travellers with this new media form.

Your future customers are already reading our website regularly to plan their trip and choose activities!


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With hundreds of stunning photos, 360-degree pictures and video content captured with drones to GoPros, BackpackerGuide.NZ features some of the most engaging visuals on the market.

On top of the responsive design of the website, we have ensured that BackpackerGuide.NZ shows the best side of New Zealand, through a variety of mediums. Our well-thought mix between written content and dreamy visuals captivates our audience and increases engagement. We are proud to feature high quality visuals on every page of the site.

Thanks to its broad appeal, BackpackerGuide.NZ is visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every month.

Answering pre-departure questions and covering travel tips and destination guides exclusive to New Zealand, BackpackerGuide.NZ is present with travellers before and during their trip. BackpackerGuide.NZ is also recommended online by major websites as the reference for travelling on a budget in New Zealand, whilst appearing first in online search engine results for all New Zealand-related queries. You can trust that with such a big audience your message will be seen.

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Featuring more than 2,000 articles, BackpackerGuide.NZ covers almost every single subject of budget and adventure travel in New Zealand. This allows you to choose the topic that fits your message the best and perfectly target your audience.

Being able to narrow your advertising to specific topics or areas ensures that your advertising budget is spent only on potential customers. It is the most cost effective way to tell your future customers that you have something great to offer.

Should you like to get something tailor made for you, we can create an article exclusive to your brand so you know you get the space to tell your full story.

All our content has been written by our team of talented and knowledgeable writers. We do not copy content from anywhere. This offers our readers a different perspective on every topic that we cover, as well as a unique take on every activity mentioned in our articles.

Readers are attracted by articles which have a unique take on a subject as opposed as a copy/paste sales speech. Unique content also ensures that our articles are well positioned in search engine results directing more traffic towards your ad.

On BackpackerGuide.NZ we allow you to target which audience you want to display your ad to using their location.

If you are looking to get your brand in the customer’s mind prior to their trip, choose to target overseas readers that are likely to be planning their trip to New Zealand a few months ahead. If your brand is targeting potential customers here and now, choose to target readers that are currently in New Zealand looking to plan the next leg of their trip.

Either way, you will have the best results by choosing the best crowd to hear your message.

Because BackpackerGuide.NZ is such a big platform, we have advertisement options to suit every need.

From simple link insertion into existing articles to full display campaigns, we can do it all. Looking to implement your affiliate program or to create tailor-made content that encompasses the whole experience that you offer? Easy as. We offer native advertisement at its best; it is a non-intrusive way to get your brand known. Your message will blend in with our content and fit right in place amongst useful tips and dreamy visuals.

In fact, native advertisement is the most accepted form of advertisement amongst consumers.

Ad-block is becoming a problem for advertisers. Essentially, it blocks all ads displayed on a computer or a phone and replaces it with pictures or simply empty space. It is so popular that in some countries over 40% of internet users have some kind of ad-blocking software in place.

Luckily, we have found a way around it and we are proud to say that our unique coding system passes right through the most sophisticated ad-blocking softwares making sure that your ad is displayed to every single one of our readers.

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